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Thong Sala is the largest community on Koh Phangan with the port where most boats from Samui, Koh Tao and Surratthani dock.

Banks with ATM, telephone and fax facilities, internet access, travel and tour agents, hotels, food shops,
department stores and markets are situated in the streets of Thong Sala.
All in all it is the shopping center for locals and tourists.

Also you will find the municipal office, the ampoe (destrict officer, registration office), police station, post office, hospital as well as
one of the most well-known temple on this island, Wat Rat Jareob, in Thong Sala.

Any tourist who wants comfortable accommodation can ask for such a place to stay in Tong Sala. Such Accommodations as hotels,
bungalows and guesthouses are available. 


To the west of the island about a kilometer away from Tong Sala is a cove called Ao Nai Wok.
A white, sandy beach stretches about 1 km along the cove, its a good place to admire the beautiful setting sun.


About 1,5 kilometer western from Tong Sala is Haad Plailaem where you can walk peacefully along the fine sandy beach,
alternately strangely-formed boulders are seen along the beach. Should you get thirsty, there is drinking water provided for free; if need a rest from the walk, you can stop for a while in on of the resting stands provided along the beach. In addition, there is the Amsterdam Bar where you can stop and admire the sunset beauty while having some drinks.


Not very far from Haad Plailaem is a small fisherman village, Ao Wok Tum, where long-tailed boats are build (a folk wisdom activity) and always seen along the beach. An excellent view admiring spot is on a hill called ‘Kao Hin Nok’ which is situated between Haad Plailaem and Ao Wok Tum. From this view point you also can see the islands Koh Tae Nok and Koh Tae Nai as well as the village itself.


This beach is next to Ao Wok Tum. Near the long beach you can watch the locals busily looking for a kind of shellfish called ‘Hoyklom’ during the low tide. There are plenty of this kind hiding in the mud-flats.
The residents here did set up a figurine of "Hoyklom" right in the center of the cove. Natives also call Haad Hin Kong ‘Don Hoyklom.’ 


The cape, in Thai "Laem" had come into being through a tin mine; the activities took place in the old days.
Currently it is a very wide sandy place, where plenty of pine trees are growing. The old tin mine hole is now quite a wide lake, called Talaesap Seethanu, inland sea.


This is what fishermen use as a shelter when the strong monsoon winds are blowing. It is a very quiet place with a nice beach where locals settled down and provide food for tourists and residents.


As the beach has very white, fine sand, it is considered to be the pride of Phangan.
Here is a good snorkling spot providing a spectacular coral reef. At the residences close to the beach are shops and internet cafes for tourists.


This is a private beach on which the very well-known Sonree Resort is located. The beach has been taken care of so well that the water is very clean and clear making it most suitable for swimming or shallow-water diving to admire
coral reefs in the area.


The ‘long beach’ is 10 km away from Tong Sala and it really suits the name.
The semicircular beach stretches into thick coconut trees, under which lovely bungalows offer a quiet, clean, relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
There is also a coral reef for diving and snorkling present.The beach, located in the west of the island, is the most beautiful, second only in Haad Rin. However, this beach is more peaceful than Had Rin. Many competitive services and facilities have been sprung up along the beach to welcome the day-by-day increasing tourists.


This very peaceful and calm sandy beaches are located between Haad Yao and Haad Salad. It is a very suitable place for doing shallow dives as there is a coral reef present.


About 800 meters white sandy beach is abundant with shallow-water coral reefs which start from Haad Tien. The beach is ideal for swimming as well as snorkling. At the present time, it is very convenient to make a trip to Haad Salad via the popular route started in Tong Sala to Ao Chaloklum.

MAE HAAD AND KOH MAA (a small island)

Connected to Mae Haad, Koh Maa has a beautiful white sandy beach, especially during the low tide, when you can easily walk over a sandbar to reach the small island. All around Koh Maa are many kinds of shallow-water coral reefs to admire.
The 200 meters long Mae Haad beach is a very wide white sand beach most fitting for leisure walk in the morning or late in the afternoon and of course also very lovely for swimming.


In the north of Koh Phangan is the biggest offshore fischerman community, Chaloklum, with its 1 km semicircular beach located.
This is the deep-water bay where fishing and some sailing boats anchor.
Every day the fishing boats are coming in and bring fresh seafood for sale on the whole island.
Particularly the fishermen lay the squid and some fish in abundance for dry in the sun.
Here is where this product make very an outstanding name for the island.
At the bay are boats for hire to take people over to Haad Khuad (known as Bottle Beach).


A 2 km walk along Chaloklum bay will bring you to a very quiet and beautiful beach, Haad Khom. Perfect for snorkling,
diving or only swimming as there is as well a coral reef present in shallow-water.
Between Chaloklum and Haad Khom is one of the best fishing spots in Phangan.Get a boat for hire in Chaloklum, if it is to hot for a walk!